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CNC Hydraulic Guillotine Shearing Machine

Main Features:

  • ·Hydraulic swing beam/guillotine construction, upper shear blade retum controlled by nitrogen cylinder
  • ·Equipped with self-developed CNC control
  • ·Backgauge equipped with high precision ball screw
  • ·Equipped with high precision AC servo system
  • ·Backguage have slightly retum function
  • ·Counter to count the number of shear
  • ·Length of stroke controlled by CNC control
  • ·Cutting line illumination, ease for cutting sheets with scribed lines
  • ·Equipped with electrical interlock safety guard
  • ·Equipped with front support stand
  • ·Equipped with upper and lower shear blades
  • ·Pneumatically operated swing backgauge(Option)