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Cosmos NC at MWCS 2013

  Three major shows of 2013 China International Industrial Fair——2013 Metal Working and CNC Machine Tool Show, Industrial Automation Show and Energy Show, which were undertook by Hannover Fairs Ltd. and Hanover Milan Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., were held in    

  Shanghai New International Expo Centre from November 5th to 9th. This year, the three major shows made a new layout, focused on intelligentized, digitized and greening advanced manufacturing technology. Besides, the scale made a new record, attracted more than ten 100 thousand professional visitor.


  E3008, the booth of Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd., located in the middle of the main passage of pavilion E3. ES230BD CNC punch press and FS1632 press brake.


  ES230BD CNC punch press is 5-axis full servo-electric turret punch press which has higher machining precision. Compared with the traditional hydraulic punch press, it can save more than 30% electricity on average. Working with no hydraulic oil reduces the threat to the environment, the modular strong mechanical structure prolongs the working life. The key precision parts like turret and workbench adopt cast structure makes it more stable. Furthermore, this type of machine has a lot of great advantages like higher security, lower maintenance costs, lower noise, intelligent network monitoring management function and more precision moulding function.


  FS1632 full servo-driven hydraulic CNC sheet metal press brake not only reduces noise but saves more than 50% electricity on average by comparing with the traditional hydraulic press brake. The overall welding structure releases the internal stress and prevents the deformation of machine. Besides, this machine has proportional hydraulic deflection compensation, electro-hydraulic servo synchronization module and pressure module, Y-axis full closed loop control and powerful professional control system.


  This is the second time that Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. attended the MWCS, continuously, the customers and peers came to the booth to visit and consult about the machine. This show achieved a good effect and made a further promotion to the image of company’s brand.