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The 16th Qingdao International Machine Tools & Moulds Exhibi

  The 16th Qingdao International Machine Tools & Moulds Exhibition was opened at the Qingdao International Exhibition Centre on August 2, 2013. The exhibition covered an area of 65,000 m2, consisted of four pavilions. It was the largest machinery industry exhibition in Shandong area which attracted about 793 famous machine tools and moulds manufacturers from 20 countries and regions.

Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. displayed the ESH230B full servo-driven electric CNC turret punching press in this exhibition. The main color of this machine is green and white, and matching with black color. Besides, the fluent line and perfect appearance really attracted the attention of the audiences. Comparing with the traditional hydraulic punching press, five-axis all-electric CNC turret punching press with more machining precision saves more than 50% energy on average. Non-hydraulic oil reduces the threat to the environment, strong modular mechanical structure extends the working life of machine. Many precision units like turret and operating platform adopt the casting structure which improve the stability and security of machines and reduce the maintenance cost.