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2013 The Fourth China International Sheet Metal Industry Exh

  Summer of Shenzhen city, all the things take on a new aspect after raining. The fourth China International Sheet Metal Industry Exhibition was opened at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center on 26th June.

CISIE2013 is the most professional exhibition of sheet metal industry in Asia; the products were on show included sheet metal punching, sheet metal processing and technology etc. In order to praise the outstanding brand of sheet metal industry, the organizer set up the “show area” for exhibitors to show the leading-edge products and technology of sheet metal processing industry. Mr. Zhao Hongwei, Manager of South China Region of Cosmos NC gave a wonderful speech of , and exchanged ideas with exhibitors and visitors, it was a highlight in the exhibition.

Cosmos NC took part in the exhibition with the ESH230B (high speed) Full Servo Electric CNC Punch Press and FS1032 Servo-driven Hydraulic CNC Press Brake. The environmentally friendly outlook and outstanding performance of high speed operation process of our machine attracted a large number of visitors.
ESH230B - 5 axis Full Servo-electric CNC Turret Punch Press, equipped with formation functions (rolling rib, marking characters, marking marks, louvers, pressure convex hull, faster and high forming accuracy, can be controlled within ±0.05mm), without processing dead zone, high-usage of stations, professional CNC programming software (it can realize remote online software transmission, software upgrading, CNC processing online and fault diagnosis and management functions), with the characters high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long period of operation and low cost (energy saving 50%), unique “modular” structure design, ductile iron thick turret, “digital and networking” management and remote monitoring (included iSee function). FS1032 Servo-driven Hydraulic CNC Press Brake can save energy over 50% in average, as comparing with hydraulic press brake, low noise, welded structure relieve the internal stress to avoid the deformation of machine frame, proportional hydraulic compensation, electro-hydraulic servo synchronous module and pressure module, Y-axis full closed loop control, precise backguage with double ball screw and three linear guide rails, +/-0.01mm repeat accuracies, powerful professional control system. The product is made by our machines is widely used in solar energy, sheet metal processing, cabinet, household appliance, electrical equipment, furniture manufacturing, kitchenware, elevator, air conditioning, lighting and door industry.

In this exhibition, Cosmos NC showed the strong competitiveness of combination of focusing on customer demand and technical innovation. Cosmos NC got the praise of brand promotion, technology and comprehensive service, and made a good foundation for new product promotion.