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Cosmos NC successfully showed in the CIMT 2013

  April of Beijing city, is a blossoming spring season, all things take on a new aspect. On 22th April 2013, the 13th China International Machine Tool (CIMT2013) was grandly opened in the China International Exhibition Center (new hall) in Beijing, which was organized by China Machine Tool & Tool Builder Association. CIMT is one of the four major machine tool exhibitions in the world, it converged the entire outstanding person from the industry to take part in the grand exhibition.

With the theme of “Innovation and Sustainable development”, the exhibition covered the high speed, precision and environment friendly modern equipment from both domestic and overseas. Cosmos NC took part in the “CIMT2013” with the ESH230B full servo-electric CNC turret punch press; it was the first show of ESH230B with the upgraded new outlook. The ESH230B showed optimized characteristics of full servo-electric turret punch press to the visitors with the advanced performance and the breakthrough in the applicability designed guide and layout, it was the bright scenery in this exhibition.

  ESH230B - 5 axles full servo-electric CNC turret punch press is with the high precise forming function (continuous formation advanced functions: marking characters, marking marks, rolling rib and rolling step, faster, high forming precision, the precision can be controlled within ±0.05mm), without process dead zone, high-usage of index, specific NC programming software (It can achieve long-distance on line transmission procedure, upgrade software, CNC on line process, fault diagnosis and management functions), with high efficiency, energy saving, environment friendly, long service life and low maintenance cost; Specific modularity structural design, integration of ductile iron casting thick turret, digitizing, networking management and remote monitoring functions (including iSee function).

The ESH230B in the exhibition adopted the new outlook design. The fashion and stable design, generous and noble temperament and energy saving, environment friendly outlook attracted many visitors. The visitors were crowed and spoke highly of our machine. Many professional came to visit and discuss the technology with our salesmen and engineers. The ESH230B was favored by visitors during the 6 days’ exhibition.

Mr. LU Xianbin, General Manager of Cosmos NC has the interview with , and and said: In the new historical development phase of China machine tool, Cosmos NC will make an innovate-driven and sustainable development road. The ESH230B in this exhibition is the upgraded version of the earlier ES servo series machine. The new machine has the faster processing speed, high production efficiency and more energy saving, it convinced that the new machine will win a place in the prospective market!