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Company Introduction

     Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. is one of the strategic investments of Hong Kong public-listed company "Cosmos Machinery Enterprises Limited" in China, Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. specializes in researching and manufacturing sheet metal processing equipment, with a production base of 20,000 square meters. We are dedicated to provide customers the best products and services around the world, and also keep the leading position in the field of Chinese CNC Punching Press.


  Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. is deeply convinced of the business philosophy of “People-oriented, Sharing the Future together”. The company has dedicated its investment and management to human talent which are considered as the most important resources. As for talent nurturing, staff career plans are developed in the way of continuous training, which is based on the company development and the requirements of staffs. In the promotion aspect, Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. has established comprehensive and multi-channel promotion methods, in order to form active and favorable competition environment under sound encouraging mechanism, which also enhances the performance of the enterprise and staffs.

  Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. pays great efforts on generating competitive power brought by the combination of customer needs and technological innovation. We adopt the international leading technology and provide the customers with the best products and services. Furthermore, the company has integrated mechanical, hydraulic and electric control technologies systematically, which results its competitive uniqueness.

  Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. successfully integrates the mass customization, advanced processing equipment and modern information technology into the operation system. Therefore the projects and the customers demand on plan can be realized promptly. Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. has more than 400 sets of various types of processing equipment, which can process from small to large sized work pieces. With the sophisticated operation of the information system, such as ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), APS (Advance Planning and Scheduling), PDM (Product Data Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for the optimization of resources allocation and scientific analysis, we provide prompt response to our customers and fulfill their demands.

  Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. is devoted to maximizing the customer value and establishing strategic partnership, making in-depth market inspection, paying attention to market needs, sharing the customers’ experience and applying abundant technology resources into customer requirement solution. Therefore, we can provide the customers with high quality and high value-added CNC hydraulic turret punch press, CNC hydraulic shearing machine, CNC hydraulic brake press etc. Those products are widely used in the application of household appliance, IT, hardware, lamp ornaments, electronic components, auto parts, kitchenware, tableware and sports equipments etc. Moreover, Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd also provides one-stop solution and specific training as well as regular maintaining services in accordance with the customer needs.

  With the plenty sales experiences and comprehensive networks in both domestic and overseas markets, Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. provides selling, consulting, training and maintenance services to our customers. Dongguan Cosmos NC Machinery Ltd. is committed to become one of the best suppliers for sheet-metal processing machinery equipment in the world.